Expert Advice: How to Tell if You are Buying an Authentic Luxury Watch

For decades, watches have been symbols of luxury, wealth and personal taste. Watches have an underlying value, just like a diamond. You can take a diamond anywhere in the world and sell it and the worldwide luxury market for watches has become just that, and when it comes to such an investment, The Watch Girl is here to ensure that you are investing in the real deal.

An authentic watch is undisputed in origin and is not a replica or copy. The word authentic is used in the watch industry to distinguish between genuine timepieces and fakes that are widely copied and sold.

As a preferred dealer of pre-owned luxury timepieces, The Watch Girl will review numerous elements of a watch to ensure its authenticity and originality.

Here are some tips to guide you before making any investment into a pre-owned luxury watch…

An authentic luxury timepiece comes at a substantial cost as you are investing in craftsmanship and quality that goes into the manufacturing of every timepiece. If you find a pre-owned watch at a bargain price, chance are it’s fake.  Do some research online and find out what other resellers are selling this model for and you will quickly determine the possibility of it being a fake.

Find pictures of the watch preferably through the brand’s website and carefully examine the casing, engraving, the face, the markings and do a comparison. Replicas are never made with the same care as the authentic version and through careful inspection you will quickly identify the errors and know that you are dealing with a fake watch.

The quality of material used in the making of an authentic luxury watch is impeccable. Only the finest steel, gold and platinum will be used which contributes to the weight of the piece. Most replicas are made with lower grade metals resulting in a much lighter weight piece.

All luxury timepieces are sold with certificates of authenticity which provides the buyer with the guarantee of the timepieces origin. There are instances in which papers are not available within the pre-owned luxury watch industry so in this instance it is important to purchase your timepieces for a credible dealer.

While a real watch will be finished to perfection, a glaring giveaway of a fake is a watch that displays anything less than crystal clear engraving.

You might think that someone going to so much trouble to create a fake would spell things right, however this is not always the case. Look out for spelling mistakes and inconsistent spacing as obvious signs of a fake.

Swiss, high quality watches are engineered to function at an exceedingly low volume. If you are purchasing the watch in person, do have a listen. You should not be able to hear the ticking unless the watch is brought close to your ear.

With a luxury watch being a long-term investment, it is important to take all the above into consideration and to deal with a reseller who is credible and offers the attention and service to help you not only find the right watch that matches your personality and lifestyle, but that also guarantees authenticity and quality.

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