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The Omega Seamaster

Since 1993, the Seamaster Diver 300M has enjoyed a legendary following. The original design and ocean spirit are still there, but now with advanced materials and updates in every model.

More than 25 years ago, Omega’s Seamaster 300 marked an important milestone in the brand’s underwater history.

With a great following behind it, many enthusiasts are ranting and raving about this legendary piece as expressed by one of our incredible clients:

“….so there I was, 10 years old and proudly flying the Jolly Roger and admiring the proceeds of my raid on dad’s locker. The table in front of me was laid out with wonderful treasures. Grandfathers pocket watch from the late 1800’s, a variety of antique knives, a brass compass and dad’s prized Omega Seamaster. Acting on impulse and a good measure of adrenaline I decided to open it up. What weird and wonderful sorcery was I going to find inside? In hindsight is was similar to cutting pieces of eight out of a priceless gold coin and needless to say, I had trouble sitting down for a couple of days. After 25 years in the Commercial Diving industry I still look back at my first encounter with the Omega Seamaster with fond memories. These horological marvels never cease to impress, even in the most hazardous and perilous circumstances. Thank you Omega and “The Watch Girl”, Cenel Dempers, for taking care of my horological needs.”

While it has largely stayed true to its predecessor, there is a strong sensation of quality and precision in the new one–everything looks so clean, and the materials have a very obvious glossiness to them that’s more visible in some other of my later photos. The dial is basically mirror-polished.

The dial retains its familiar wave pattern, although in a far less busy way than some of its predecessors. Now there are fairly few lines, but they are laser cut with beautiful precision.

Because the lines themselves are matte, they are obvious when the shiny dial is in the presence of bright, direct light, yet relatively subtle in indirect light.
The use of both a ceramic dial and a ceramic bezel also presents another advantage, namely that the color can be flawlessly matched between them, in addition to the obvious improvements in durability and longevity.

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